Financial and Reimbursement Services

    Change Healthcare
Medicaid eligibility service
(615) 932-3000

    Commerce Bank
Automated Electronic Accounts Payable Solution, Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment, and Health Service Financing (HSF)
Amy Sue Bliss
(816) 760-3365,

     Healthcare Financial Assistance, Inc.
Revenue recovery and collections service
Ryan Messina
(800) 459-0116 x228 ofc, (504) 377-5495 cell,

    Healthcare Recovery Alliance
Insurance and worker's compensation account follow up and collections. Zero balance insurance and workers’ compensation underpayment reviews
Angie Box
(817) 200-2820,
Maxor National Pharmacy Services, LLC

Comprehensive retail and specialty pharmacy management
Ross Halsne
(612) 210-8655,

Pharmacy benefit management
Tom Aufiero, (858) 291-5122 ofc, (727) 403-1830 cell,

Hospital 340b program
John M. Bretz, (267) 800-5390,

     Utility Management Corporation
Full service utility auditing, payment, and energy procurement solutions
Steve Hunt
(601) 948-2360,