Benefits of Becoming a ShareCor Partner

ShareCor is a shared services company of the LHA and LHA Management Corporation. ShareCor aggregates the buying power of its member hospitals to obtain preferential pricing from vendor partners for services required by healthcare facilities. 

  • ShareCor will partner with the Vendor as a preferred provider for their services.
  • ShareCor will provide endorsement services through its website, mailings to members and through selective joint calls to its members.
  • ShareCor will provide up to two promotional mailings per year to include up to two targeted positions at each member facility.  
  • ShareCor will place information regarding the Vendor and its services in related newsletters when appropriate and available from Vendor.
  • ShareCor will provide a reference and referral for the Vendor and its services to members and provide any additional information to assist in promoting the services of the Vendor.  
  • ShareCor will provide assistance in setting appointments with members when the Vendor has been unsuccessful in eliciting a response from members. ShareCor staff cannot act as the vendor’s sales team.
  • ShareCor will place a brief description of services along with the Vendor’s logo and a link to the Vendor’s website on the ShareCor website. 
  • As a ShareCor vendor, the Vendor will be eligible to become an LHA Partner and automatically enjoy a weekly newsletter, access to the online LHA Directory, listing in the ShareCor Partners section of the LHA Membership Directory, and ability to attend LHA education programs and conferences at a discount price.